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Our Commitment to You

At CFI Mechanical, safety is a 24/7 commitment. We want safety to become a mutual priority among our employees, and all employees have been challenged to be a part of practicing safety first. Everyone deserves a safe workspace and it is the aim of CFI to provide that for every client, employee, contractor and guest.
“It’s kind of impressive here in the last ten years, how this market has come around to judging you on your safety before the bottom dollar,” says Chuck Fell, CEO of CFI.

Benefits of Safety Practices

CFI is led by seasoned professionals with a deep devotion to
building excellence and a stable work climate.
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Trained Staff

Trained workers know how to identify and control hazards
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Workers who feel safe in their environment are more productive.
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Reduced Cost

Failing to create a safe workplace can lead to other litigation issues.
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Employee Retention

Workers will feel safer and more valued as a part of the company.

Chuck Fell, President of CFI Mechanical, says: “Safety in the
workplace is a key concern at CFI Mechanical. We care about
our employees and that of others working around us. It is our
policy to provide our employees with a safe work environment
through training and reinforced supervision.”

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CFI Mechanical was recognized for its commendable
safety record at the MCAA/CNA
Safety Awards.