Rice University
New Wiess College

New Wiess College will replace the current building housing Wiess College. The new facility is under construction to the south of the existing building, in the former parking area and sports fields immediately adjacent to and west of Hanszen College. The building will house 228 students, 2 resident associates, and 1 visiting faculty member. Four stories of student suites will open onto exterior balconies on three sides of a central Wiess Quadrangle. Distinctively shaped, glass-enclosed Wiess Commons will form the northern side of the Quadrangle. A new Kitchen/Servery will serve the Wiess Commons as well as a new Hanszen Commons to be constructed in the current facility's location. The roof of the Kitchen/Servery is designed as an open Terrace for campus activities. The Terrace will be accessed through the two new Commons, by exterior staircases from the east, and a grand staircase leading to the sports fields west.

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